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Current Oportunities

Know the best oportunities to acquire a business in Brazil.

Special Cutting Tools company

With over 20 years experience in Brazil this company is analyzing the possibility to be sold to an international company.

Logistics Company

Having the capacity to act in all the Brazilian market and already with several clients in Brazil.

Diamond Tools Company

One of the best known diamond tools in Brazil is the opportunity you are searching to get stronger in the Brazilian market.

Acquire a Company in brazil

See why is a really good business to acquire a company in brazil.

  • Brazil

    Brazil is a continental market and that has a strong internal economical activity. Considering also the sizes of the population (200 millions) and the strategically location to reach the other South American Markets (approximately other 200 million inhabitants), Brazil will always be important for companies all around the world and in several markets.

  • Challenges

    But there are several issues that a foreign company will face in order to put your products in the Brazilian market:
    • Difficulty with the logistics in Brazil;
    • High import taxes;
    • Necessity of local assistance;
    • Investment in market research and market development;
    • Besides many other factors.

  • We find the best business

    With our 20 years experiences we can affirm that sell your products without a local production will not be profitable. At the same time, to build your own business in Brazil will also be an expensive action, and will involve a lot of risks that can make your investment be lost. In a big market like Brazil, with several active players, the investment to establish your companies name and product will be extremely high and will take several years to have a positive financial return.

  • You are ready to grow

    A good option is to buy a company that already acts in Brazil. If you find the right company, that has a good market insertion, you are able to introduce your products at once and have a profitable business since the beginning.

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